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CSS filters for images

With the advent of modern browsers support SVG, and there was a new property CSS - "filter", as part of the same specification. Himself CSS syntax greatly simplifies the description, compared with the description of filters SVG. Filters provide excellent opportunities for design solutions in web-development, besides they can be combined to obtain the desired result and directly in the browser, rather than in a graphical editor. But we should not delude ourselves and to abuse this property, CSS filters can significantly affect the performance of your project. The most expensive are those resource filters in which there is blur - a blur () and drop-shadow (). This is due to the computation on the pixel grid, where there is a mix of colors in the prescribed radius. The larger radius is set, the longer the calculation. In our generator, we did not add the url (), which allows you to insert a reference to SVG filter, but such a possibility properties "filter" is.